Welcome to Campnado

We know that finding free campsites can be difficult…

And, while there’s a long list of apps to help you locate free campsites, it’s often hard to trust their accuracy and reliability.

That’s why I started Campnado.

I’m Jake, the Founder…

I’ve camped all over the United States, often for months at a time. 99% of the time I camp for free.

At first, finding quality free campsites was difficult for me too. Camping apps and websites often pointed me in the wrong direction. It wasn’t unusual to wind up at a permanently closed campsite – or even one that didn’t exist at all. And, that’s not to mention all the recommended campsites that were duds.

After years of dispersed camping, boondocking, and stealth camping, I’ve learned a ton. I know the best free campsites in pretty much every state. I also know what it takes to find great free camping in unfamiliar territory.

Campnado is my way to share my favorite free campsites and best free camping tips with you.

Need More Help?

If you have a question about finding free camping, email me at: jake@campnado.com.