About Campnado

Campnado is a platform dedicated to sharing the best free dispersed campsites.

Since 2020, it’s been our goal to provide the most honest, accurate free campsite reviews and roundups online.

I’m Jake, the Founder

Jake, the founder of Campnado, and his dog.

I know too well that finding quality free campsites can be difficult.

When I first started dispersed camping, I immediately ran into a problem – the user-generated campsite reviews on the most popular apps and websites were extremely hit or miss.

Occasionally, I’d find an awesome campsite, but, more often than not, a glowing recommendation would lead to a complete dud.

Wild goose chases due to inaccurate GPS coordinates were common. Sometimes I’d even wind up at an inaccessible or permanently closed campsite with no daylight left to find an alternative.

Instead of simply crowdsourcing campsite reviews like most other platforms, I personally visit each and every dispersed campsite or free campground I discuss here on Campnado.

Why Trust Campnado?

Campnado.com pulled up on iPhone charging with a Jackery power station.

I’ve been dispersed camping in national forests and on BLM land for over a decade now.

Not only that, but many of my trips are weeks or even months long – with 99% of nights spent camping for free. I’ve more than put in my “10,000 hours” to become an expert in the field.

I’ve visited hundreds of awesome free campsites – and I know how to teach you to find your own. I’m also intimately familiar with the dispersed camping rules and regulations of our public lands.

I provide the most unbiased, up-to-date, and accurate dispersed camping advice and recommendations possible by actually staying at every campsite I recommend myself.

How We Review Campsites

Dispersed campsite looking out from Edge of the World.

I start by studying the access roads.

Are they passable to low-clearance vehicles? What about RVs or trailers? Is high-clearance and/or 4WD required? Would heavy rain substantially change the road conditions?

I take a look at the campsites next.

How many are there in the area? How big are they? Are they level? Is there shade? Is there enough sunlight for solar? Which campsites have the best views? Which are the most private?

Then I camp for at least one night – usually several.

I take note of the amount of traffic, noise, and dust. How busy is it? Does the area feel safe? Are there regular ranger patrols? Any hiking trails, swimming holes, or anything else cool nearby?

Before I leave, I take photos of a few campsites, the access roads, and any notable views.

When I’m writing my review, I compare my personal observations to the official information provided by the relevant public land authority (usually the United States Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management).

Each review and roundup is updated at least twice per year (once in the spring and once in the fall) to make sure all the included information is still as accurate as possible.

Need More Help?

If you still have questions about dispersed camping, please don’t hesitate to email me directly!

More Help: jake@campnado.com